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CatalogVX Features Set:

  • Publish your catalogs to an auto-launch CD-ROM with dynamic search and index features.
  • Print your catalogs in different formats including the automatic creation of web pages and Mobile Catalogs.
  • Include a Flash introduction as your title page or create a catalog of all your Flash files. A perfect tool for the web master.
  • Include multi-video presentations as part of your catalog. Store different video's on the same catalog CD to highlight your products and services. Support all major multi-media file formats including QT, MOV, MP3, MPG, AVI and more.
  • Use our CSV Import to convert your existing catalog data into the PAC format. Convert hundreds of pages within minutes.
  • Archive or use your Word, and PDF documents as part of your catalogs.
  • Use the business scanner option to scan multiple pictures from any paper catalog.
  • The CatalogVX contains 9 predefined time-saving categories to quickly create your catalogs or archive your documents within minutes.
  • An unlimited amount of customized categories and subcategories can be created.
  • Quickly search and display your products with dynamic keyword indexing.
  • The software contains an Catalog Wizard to facilitate the easy creation of your catalog within minutes.
  • Each catalog CD contains the ability to auto-launch the Catalog Viewer that allows your clients to view your electronic catalog, documents, or files, web pages within the CD including multimedia video and audio files.
  • Allow your customers to print your catalogs in 6 different formats complete with all relevant information for each product.
  • Merge multiple catalogs files into one CD.
  • E-Mail items directly from the CD catalog.
  • Create field prefixes and save repeated typing when adding product information.
  • Arrange a print sequence to print your products in any order.
  • Arrange hard copy page formats for each printing job.
  • Automatic shopping cart and order form for all your products that contains a price. Give your buyers the ability to order your products directly from your catalog CD.
  • Optional Web link for each product. If you are selling on-line, link your catalog CD with your site to enhance the buying experience for your customer.
  • Change the look of your catalog with predefine background images or use your own for each item.
  • The Professional Edition has the ability to save your catalog pages in HTML format for easy catalog web site development.
  • and much more...

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